Gallop High Wither Vented Saddle Pad


( FTNM4 )


Gallop High Wither Vented Saddle Pad - Size Cob/Full. Available in Black or Navy

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Brand Gallop
Colour Navy Blue
Material Cotton

Anatomically designed with the benefit of a vented spine increases optimum breathability. 14mm high density foam for a firmer level of shape & support.
Made from a hard wearing quality poly-cotton for day to day use and elegant enough for competition, designed to accommodate most saddles.
Complete with twisted ropes, the premium saddle pad adds statement in the field.
Biscuit design quilting provides the firm support your saddle needs by conforming to the shape & weight and helps distribute pressure evenly.
• High Density Foam
• Biscuit Quilting
• 3 Twisted Rope
• High Wither
• Vented Spine
• Top quality

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